America’s Best Trust Companies

The 2013 report on America’s most advisor friendly trust companies was released last week.  Here is a link to the full article.  The article has a lot of informative information about working with a trust company and some of the differences of using trust companies in different states. Also, in that article is a list of 24 top estate planning attorneys including my law school classmate, Steve Oshins. When you want to set up a Nevada trust or LLC Steve is the man to talk to! If you have questions about working with a trust company do not hesitate to contact me.  -John
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John Palley quoted on

I was quoted in an article today on The article is about doing business on the golf course. I don’t have time for golf anymore. The incident I am quoted for happened about 15 years ago. Here is the link to the article.
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Probate House Saga and Mystery – Read at your own risk!

My post the other day with the totally destroyed house here in Sacramento reminded me of another probate house from a few years ago. This one involved an incredible mystery which I will try to get to in the coming days. However, for today I’ll just give you the basic overview and some pictures of the house. A single man lived in this house. The house was in a quiet neighborhood near Sacramento.  He was a retired professor from a major university.  The term “nutty professor” comes to mind… though when you see the pictures you’ll realize it was much worse.  MUCH WORSE.  The pictures below are graphic and rather disgusting. This post is not for the faint of heart. The house was facing foreclosure when I was hired in early 2009. The nutty professor had died and his family had
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Rental property gone BAD

The below are actual photos of a home we have in a probate case right now in the Sacramento probate Court. These are not doctored images. The problem here is the Executor of this probate estate died during the administration. We were eventually notified and got a new Executor in place to protect the estate. However it turns out to be too late. It emphasizes why I often encourage people to let a family member or friend live in the house for discounted rent. Protecting the home from squatters is very important. All this damage was done by squatters as far as we know. Start with this picture. Yes, the house is in a rough neighborhood of Sacramento, Del Paso Heights, but you can see from the home that there is hope for it. Read More