Remote Control

You live nowhere near Sacramento but you have a legal issue here. How would that work?  Some common reasons people, who live elsewhere, hire us to do legal work are: 1) mom/dad/relative/friend died in the Sacramento area and you need a probate attorney here to handle that for you and 2) your mom/dad/relative/friend lives here and you want them to hire a local attorney to handle their estate planning affairs before they die. In either case we are well suited to help you! First thing’s first… does this attorney you might hire, remotely, have the legal knowledge and experience to take care of your legal needs.   In my case I am a Certified Specialist in estate planning, trust and probate law which means I took a second bar exam only in these areas of law. Also, I have been rated “A
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New Tax Laws…

Still waiting…. Tick, tock, tick, tock…. I heard a funny client comment the other day.  The guy said to me, “I want to clean up my estate plan to account for Obama’s tax law changes as I don’t want him getting my money….” This is not political commentary… this is reality.  The tax law “changes” merely go back to what was the law in 2002… long before Obama was the President.  The current law “change” is the law that was written in 2001 by our brain trust in Washington DC.  There is no right and wrong here… both Democrats and Republicans, back in 2001, got together what they thought was a good compromise. They were likely sure the law would be changed before 2010 and thus you would never have a case where multi-billionaires would die without paying tax, yo
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