New Year’s Resolutions

Most of us make them, right?  For the new year I will go to the gym every day, not miss a single of my kid’s soccer practices and…, for many people, FINISH MY ESTATE PLAN!  It is amazing how many people tell me that they talk about doing their estate plan every year around New Year’s Resolution time… but never finish it.  My approach to New Year’s Resolutions has always been to have some resolutions but I try to start enacting them as soon as I think of it. Why wait for January 1st?  Why not start today!? For example, two weeks ago I realized I had become sloppy in my return of phone calls and emails.  That is, many attorneys belive it’s acceptable to return a client’s phone call (or email) within 24 hours of receipt.  I have never felt that is acceptable. However, ov
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HOT topic in Estate Planning

What’s the single hottest topic in California estate planning?  Here in Sacramento foreclosures are a popular topic but not so much for people with assets.  Estate tax law changes are always in vogue for people with money.  However, the number one hottest topic, the numero uno point of concern, the biggest area of questions is in the area of asset protection.  The questions start like this, “I have some assets and no immediate threat of a lawsuit but I want to protect my assets.  What can I do?”  I am NOT an “asset protection” attorney if you are in trouble like OJ Simpson.  He probably moved most of his assets to some lawless island nation because the risk of moving his assets to said lawless island nation was less risky than Mr. Goldman tracking those as
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First Post

What does one say for their very first blog?  Many times over the years I have had legal issues arise that I felt others would want to hear about.  I have discussed complex legal issues that I thought other people would want to know about.  I have seen personal, intra-family, situations where people fight over the proverbial toaster. I want others to hear about the situation (without names of course) so that hopefully they won’t make the same mistake when their loved ones die.  I have seen poorly drafted estate planning documents and thought it would be great if I had a place that I could easily tell the world what to look out for in their own documents. I have witnessed situations in Court that I felt others would want to hear about.  Practicing in the area of trust, estates and pr
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