The Importance of Specialty

If you drive a Lexus do you take it to the Ford dealer to get serviced?  Likewise, if you drive a Buick do you take it to Honda dealership for service? My guess is you don’t. My guess is you want someone who specializes in your type of car to fix your car.  What about food?  Do you go to a hamburger place and order fish?  Or maybe you go to a Mexican restaurant and order pancakes?  My guess you go to the type of restaurant you feel like that specializes in a certain type of food.  Doctors? Well, you get the point.  How can the same not be true for your lawyer? If you get in a car accident do NOT call me because I do not know the in’s and out’s of personal injury cases. Likewise, if you get charged with a crime please do not call me with your “one call” because I do not kn
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A little mis-direction

I have written before about asset protection. It’s the hot item right now as people are getting sued, finding out they co-signed something they should not have, and finding out that personal guarantees mean you can actually be personally LIABLE!  Today I am going to write about a simple thing you can do with your current (or about to be set up) revocable “living” trust to give you a small amount of asset protection. A standard revocable trust provides NO asset protection for you. However, what is a very common method of determining a potential defendant in a lawsuit?  Lawyers look in the real property records.  Amazingly the public records show what real estate is titled in your name, what you paid, what your down payment was, what your first mortgage was for, what your second
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