A beloved but forgotten asset – airline miles

You may want to tell me I am wrong but did you know airline (and hotel) miles are only worth about a penny each?  Yes, really.  Well, think about it. Let’s say it takes 35,000 miles for the average domestic round trip on some airline, right?  What does the average ticket cost?  $350?  So, about a penny a mile. On a rare occasion you can use 35,000 or 45,000 miles for a last minute trip and maybe you get the value of the miles up to two cents a mile. The bottom line is they are not highly valuable in reality.  However, I don’t know about you, but I know for me I cherish them as if they are much more valuable as they are near and dear to my heart! The thought of dying and losing those miles is simply heartbreaking.  The thought of losing my 84,000 United Airlines Mileage Plus mi
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That dirty word… PROBATE!

The word probate conjures up awful images.  Attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, magazines, newspapers, and everybody talks about how awful probate is.  It makes you think of an old Judge, “taxes,” and you have been told it takes YEARS to finish.  None of that is reality.  Probate is not great but… I am here to say there are some cases… [before I say it, I am just saying there are SOME cases...] ok… here it comes… be ready… yes, there are SOME cases where probate makes sense.  Ok, I said it. Now let me say the corollary which is contrary to everything you have ever heard… there are SOME cases where a living trust is NOT beneficial for you. The probate Court provides some oversight which is just not there with a trust.  This is because trusts are typically not
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