Beneficiary Designations

The day Bob got hired to work for Acme, Inc. he went through a bunch of paperwork with the HR office.  He signed some forms about his health insurance, maybe an employee manual, his group life insurance beneficiary, and maybe his 401k or retirement beneficiary.  He probably named his wife, Wilma, as the primary beneficiary and his kids Scooter and Skippy as the contingent beneficiaries. At the time, 1989, that may have been fine. The problem is things happen that we don’t expect. 1989 was the year that the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giant’s played in the World Series. That wasn’t expected. Either was the earthquake, during a game, that resulted in substantial devistation throughout Northern California. However, stuff does happen… and in my world that stuff is often deat
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Powers of Attorneys and Trusts

The other day I was talking to a new client and he told me that he recorded his financial power of attorney with the county because he “had to since he has real estate.”  I can only imagine where he got this advice but it’s just simply wrong. It’s wrong for so many reasons. I should clarify he is a new client of mine so he did not get his bad advice from me! First of all why would you ever want to record an estate planning document which includes all of your family member’s names unless you have to?  Though I am not overly concerned about my privacy I certainly do not go out of my way to publish my private information for the world to see when I don’t have to. Second of all the recording could be done when the document was needed… IF it was ever needed. Third for a power
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