Learn About California Probate Options

main_page_link0“Full Probate” Option
    Probate, Probate Court, 7 Months Minimum

main_page_link1Spousal Property Petition
    Transfer to surviving Spouse, Efficient, Not a full Probate

main_page_link2Other Probate Petitions
    Removal, Competing Petitions, Motions to Compel, Litigation

main_page_link3Under $150,000 With Real Estate
    Small Estate, Efficient


Conservatorships and Guardianships
    Conservatorship, Guardianship, Conservator, Conservatee, Special needs

main_page_link5Under $150,000 With No Real Estate
    13100, Small Estate, Affadavit of Domicile


California Probate Process Timeline
    7 Months Minimum, The Sooner you start the sooner you finish


Free Resources
    Free California Legal Forms


Ancillary Probate
    Our office can help when a person dies with property in more than one state or dies in one state with property in another.


Special Administration
    For special cases that can’t wait the standard six weeks

Probate Fee Calculator
    Find out how expensive probate would be


You have perhaps heard of probate but are wondering about what it actually entails. Or, perhaps you are facing the death of a loved one and are looking for professional assistance with the probate process. If you need to speak with a skilled and experienced probate lawyer in Sacramento, CA, or surrounding areas, your ideal solution is to contact the law offices of Meissner, Joseph, & Palley, Inc.

How a Probate Can Help You

Losing a beloved member of your family is devastating, which can be only made worse by battling for the rights of the estates of the deceased – particularly if there is no proper will. This is where the probate process comes in. Probate does not have the best reputation due to its high costs and extensive time period, and yet in many cases it is necessary. Fortunately, with the right attorney involved, handling one’s affairs after death can be quite simple.

Probat SacramentoAt its essence, probate is the court-administered process of collecting and organizing a deceased person’s estate, paying their bills and then distributing the remaining assets to individuals who are entitled to receive those assets. Although generally not a pleasant experience, probate cannot always be avoided, and even when it can be avoided, it may be desirable in certain limited cases.

The purpose of our website is twofold: First, to explain how the probate process works in California, and second, to show how our firm can be of assistance to you if you are asked to serve as the Personal Representative (“PR”) of an estate during that most difficult time. Sacramento probate attorney John B. Palley can represent you in a probate case in any county in California, including Sacramento, Roseville, and many more.

Get Help Today

To save time and money on probate for your loved ones, choose to do your estate planning with the leading Sacramento probate attorney John B. Palley, California Certified Specialist. Please do not hesitate to call us today at 916-920-5983 or contact us online to learn more.

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