California Probate Form DE-165 Notice of Proposed Action

California Probate Form DE-165 Notice of Proposed Action is a crucial form in the California probate process. It is generally used to put all parties on notice of a pending real estate sale or similar transaction (re-finance or even listing with a Realtor). It also is sometimes used when selling personal property or any other the Executor or Administrator might take during the California probate process. The purpose of the form is to put all parties of interest on notice of an action before it is taken. This gives the interested parties time to object if they don’t think the action is correct or reasonable. Generally the action is taken 15 days, or more, after the notice is sent out.  The parties should object within the 15 days but in many cases they can actually object after the 15 day time period. As with most things in probate notice, notice, notice!

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