How to File a Probate Fast

My motto is “the sooner you start a probate the sooner you finish it.”  For most clients this is the appropriate course of action; get it started so you can get it DONE!  Most people don’t want to think about the death of a loved one any longer than they have to.  Thus the key becomes hiring a competent and EFFICIENT California probate lawyer.  I have had a law practice focused on trusts and probate since 1994.  I have conducted hundreds of probates from start to finish. By and large I have kept them to the minimum; 7 months!

The key to a fast probate though is not just keeping it to 7 months. It’s starting it fast so that the 7 months can start ticking.  In my practice I often have the probate filed the same day I am contacted to start a case.  Let me repeat that, SAME DAY! This is not the case in all cases but it often is. I can prepare documents and get them ready to file quickly!

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